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Local Internet Marketing Survey and You

Local Internet Marketing for Local Business

Is your website helping your business?  Does your website marketing generate local internet traffic?  Does your website induce your visitors to take the next step and contact your company or at the very least sign up for some form of follow-up contact?  In short does your website assist your internet marketing efforts and compel potential customers to be interested in your firm and take action?

If not, then you might want to consider the following marketing components to a successful website, one that produces customers and profits.

Local Internet Marketing Survey

In a survey conducted by Rain Today designed to identify the factors most favored by prospective clients (200+ buyers) and what they looked for on a companies’ website before purchasing found the following:

  • Service Description – 87%
  • Industries Served – 78%
  • Success Stories/Case Studies – 73%
  • Professional Website Design and Presentation – 69%
  • About us/Biographies – 64%
  • Client List – 64%
  • Online Resources/Content (White Papers, etc. ) – 60%
  • Video or Online Presentations – 57%

So what does this marketing survey tell us as business website owners?  If you are interested in increasing your conversion rates and providing you prospective customers the information they are looking for the above survey results can be used as a measuring stick to make your website more effective and hence contribute more to the bottom line.  Let’s examine the top five parameters.

1)    Service Description.  What do you offer?  It is vital to describe your products and services in a marketing manner that quickly and persuasively tells your prospective client what you can do for them.  What benefits will the customer receive?  What problems do you solve for the customer?  Your services should be easy to read, in bullet format, and printable with the option for more detailed information.  FREE is a real draw in today’s marketplace.  A free, no obligation, consultation is often well received.

2)    Industries Served.  Be specific!  List the industries in which you have expertise.  If necessary you can indicate that the industries listed are just some of the industries served; invite potential customers to send you an email or to simply call you if their industry is not on the list for a more detailed review of your experience in their particular industry.  Prospective clients want to make a connection with the industry specialist, make it easy for them.

3)    Success Stories.  Customers want to know how you can help them.  Here is your chance to shine especially if you have proven examples.  Testimonials and case studies that can be easily substantiated are ideal.  Keep it simple, direct, to the point, easy to understand and easy to read.  You can’t go wrong with a genuine testimonial!

4)    Professional Website Design and Presentation.  As the saying goes, ‘You only have one chance to make a good first impression.’  Image is key!  What type of person do you want to do business with?  People want to work with professionals in their field, people who are credible and successful.  Your Website gives you the opportunity to project that image.  The website should be well designed, exhibiting success and stability, inspiring people to have confidence in you and in your business.  Many websites have grammatical errors and ‘broken links’ dramatically reducing their image credibility.  Customers will ask, ‘if you don’t pay attention to detail on your own website how will you handle my account?’  It almost goes without saying that your website should be clear, easy to navigate, and promptly guiding visitors to the answers for which they are searching.

About Us / Biographies.  People like to do business with real people, people they know.  Be willing to share who you are with them on your company’s “About Us” page.  Open up and let them know why you are in business and what motivates you.  Talk about your family and your hobbies; include a professionally done photo or two.  Why? Because the goal is to connect with your visitors and develop a relationship of trust.  If you can do that, develop a relationship of trust, then you will have all the clients you need.

If you would like our help developing your local internet marketing plan for local business, fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you to set up a free initial review and consultation.

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